Dove Creek Phase 1 Condominiums legal Documents

Bylaws are important: They describe how the Association is run, set out voting rights and procedures, and contain rules for such things as how to call a meeting and how often meetings must be held. The bylaws also describe the Association’s rights and responsibilities.

HOA rules govern certain aspects of how the neighborhood operates and they also enforce existing restrictions, covenants, and regulations. In most cases, homeowners’ must obtain permission from their homeowners’ association before starting any construction project.

The Master Deed is used by condominium developers to record the project; its division into condominium ownership; and the grant of common areas to the condominium owners. Also called the declarations, the condominium declaration, or the declaration of condominium.

Review and Download: Dove Creek 1 HOA’s 30-Year Reserve Study Plan. See how DC1 Administrators are managing the maintenance and improvements of the DC1 regime.

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