Summer 2020 Closeout Fall Lineup

It’s the end of this summer, and Dove Creek 1 is emerging from the insanity of the virus lockdown much the same as many of us are in our personal lives: very slowly, a little unsteady, but cautiously optimistic. While you were sheltering in place, trying to make ends meet, and shopping online for face masks, we have been actively making progress with several important issues that should be of interest to you going forward.

New Reserve Study Released

Recently, the board, on the recommendation of Bill Haley, contracted with Reserve Design Advantage to provide a 30-Year Reserve Study for the purpose pf planning how best to continue the care and maintenance of Dove Creek 1 without the threat of a dreaded assessment in the future. It is now available for presentation to the association. Prepare for the progress to commence with repairs to our sidewalks, walkways, and porches for Birch, Locust, and Clover Courts respectively over the next three years. And, beginning this year, we will tackle our stockade fencing repairs and replacements. (We know, some of them have gotten pretty grim at this point.)

The complete study is now available for viewing and download here. (

Groundskeeping Improvements

COVID related setbacks played a role in managing our landscaping beginning in April, but they were largely overcome by July, and we remain very satisfied with the new team of Branham Yard Outfitters. As the fall approaches, They will be making additional improvements. Coming soon, we will be planting additional shrubs and ground cover in common areas we have identified as far back as last year! Some of you have been very patient with us, and we appreciate it. If you have made requests for replacements, or new plantings, in and around your front porch area, and we haven’t gotten to you yet, let us know by email, or the online maintenance request feature, which we detail later.

Again With the Trees?

In the continuing saga of the west-side tree story, we are still cleaning up the overgrown area from Westport Road, and south along the western border where many of the dead and dying trees were removed. The final phase will include new privacy and beautification, with plantings along the borderline as a way to provide both privacy and visual appeal. Podges Landscaping & Tree Service, has suggested a genus of evergreen trees called arborvitae. There is a variety that grows to approximately eight feet. Properly spaced, they will fit the bill nicely. We are looking at various options for ground cover, including the wood chips from the ground-up trees we removed. If you would like to make a suggestion or two about plants, shrubs and ground cover, let us know. Email with your ideas, as we welcome your input. And, speaking of Input…

New Online Maintenance Requests and Fee Procedures

Have you had a chance to try out the new online maintenance request feature with After two years of limited success, and mixed reviews, DC1 Maintenance Request System, Awesome Support, has been deactivated. Kentucky Realty’s new online system, TownSq is now available.

First, you access TownSq on ( by first scrolling to the bottom of the  page, and select Make a Payment | Submit a Maintenance Request. If this is your first time, follow the prompts as shown above. From there you will be prompted to access TownSq at either through the web, or the app, which can be downloaded to your Apple or Android mobile device. The online payment portal is shown below.

Additionally, you can choose make online payments by accessing the Alliance Bank third-party portal to make one-time payments here, or by creating an account to manage your payments automatically, change banking information, and more.

Online maintenance requests are only handled using the TownSq app portal. First time users will find creating an account relatively easy—just follow the prompts. On the initial home page, you will see the features listed on the left, and include a Resident Directory, Groups, News and Features, Requests, (for maintenance) Messages, (from management) Polls, Reservations, and HOA Documents.

For additional information and assistance with accessing, registering, or other questions:

You may call Kentucky Realty at 502-473-0003, or email If you have questions about setting up your online payments, please call the office at 502-473-0003.  


We missed the promised picnic on the grounds this year for reasons we shouldn’t have to say but, well, it’s COVID-related, okay? If any of you have a suggestion about how we might make up for the missed experience, then once again, drop us a line at

On behalf of your Board of Administrators,

Bye for now – Jeff