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Official Site for Dove Creek Phase 1 Homeowners Association

Homestead Exemption for Retirement-Age Homeowners

Select the link above to see if, and how you qualify for assistance with your home mortage payments through the Homestead Exemption allowance with the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Legally disabled owners may qualify as well.

Online Maintenance Requests and Fee Payment Procedures

Any and all maintenance requests for Dove Creek 1 HOA must be processed through TownsSq.

  • TownSq is an all-in-one mobile app designed to help you connect, collaborate and stay up-to-date with your community – any time on any device. TownSq streamlines operations for board members and simplifies community living for homeowners. Login to TownSq using this link.

Initially, you can link on kyrealtyonline.net, scroll to the bottom of the  page, and select Make a Payment | Submit a Maintenance Request. If this is your first time, simply follow the prompts as shown. From there you will be prompted to access TownSq through the web, or the app, which can be downloaded to your Apple or Android mobile device. You can then make a one-time payment, or set up an online account. Additionally, you can choose make online payments by accessing Alliance Bank’s third-party portal to make one-time payments, or by creating an account to manage your payments automatically, change banking information, and more. NOTE: You will need the following information to register, setup, and use the app – a Management ID, Association ID, and your personal Account Number. Please call KY Realty if you do not already have this information at 502-473-003.

Maintenance requests are only handled using the TownSq app portal. First time users will find creating an account relatively easy. On the initial home page, you will see the features listed on the left, and include a Resident Directory, Groups, News and Features, Requests, (for maintenance) Messages from management, Polls, Reservations, and HOA Documents.

For additional information, or assistance with accessing, registering, or community questions, simply call Kentucky Realty, or email webmaster@dovecreek1.com.

Bulk Item Disposal Policy for Qualifying Appliances, Furniture

Rumpke Waste & Recycling, Briarwood’s contracted trash removal service, has now provided Dove Creek 1 with bulk and large item pickup service confirmation. This service is in addition to the regular trash pickup days – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Bulk pick-ups are on Fridays only, but these pickups must be called in to Rumpke’s Customer Service at least 48 hours prior. You can reach them at 502-568-3800.

Washers, dryers, and other large appliances will be picked up. NOTE: NO mattresses, box springs, or any other upholstered furniture is to be placed in the dumpster. Those items must be wrapped or bagged in plastic as required by Louisville city regulations, and may be placed in the corral only until the next pickup day, then placed outside the corral. These items must scheduled as described above. Violaters will be fined. Outside sources will be reported to authorites and cited for illegal dumping.

(Please put in a maintenance request at townsq.io for any assistance you need with wrapping)

Because the Dove Creek 1 condos are serviced by front load trucks, and Rumpke customer service reps may think this service isn’t provided, it is necessary for Dove Creek 1 residents to state they are part of the City of Briarwood to avoid any confusion.

All qualified and properly prepared items need to be placed beside the dumpster corral, but not inside. Please state which court your dumpster is located. Rumpke will notify all customer service personnel that this service is provided at that location.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.